Danielle Ross
in collaboration with Dustin Zemel


December 18, 2010


Appendix Projects Space
Portland, OR


Richard Decker
Bonnie Green
Danielle Ross
Sally Garrido Spencer
Robert Tyree
Vanessa Vogel
Leah Wilmoth
Lucy Yim


Dustin Zemel

 An elevator. A bus. A packed line. These are spaces where human proximity is close but not chosen. Juxtapose this with the selected intimacy of the domestic, and you have Home/Body. This work was in collaboration with Video Artist Dustin Zemel. Eight performers were placed in a home and asked to improvise while negotiating pre-designed rules, task-oriented movement, and more importantly, each other. The audience moved freely through the space as the performers played with the presence of crowdedness and forced intimacy.

Photos: Chelsea Petrakis

Video: Dustin Zemel