November 7th, 8th and 9th, 8pm
November 8th (Matinee), 4pm
BodyVox, 1201 NW 17th Ave, Portland, 97209
Tickets: $16 Advanced, $18 at the door
Purchase here 

After two years of research, sweat, collaborative dialogue and labor-of-love dedication,Togetherness will premiere on November 7th at BodyVox here in Portland, OR. I am so proud of this work and awe-struckenly honored to get to work with such a forceful cast and group of collaborators. We humbly hope you will join us for this one. There are four shows, and tickets are ready to land in your hands. Details and more on the history of this work below.

In addition, we have just launched our Indiegogo campaign to raise final funds online. For those of you too far to join us, this is a great way to support. After the first 5 days of the campaign, we’re about 20% to our goal of $2000. All funds raised will go to the dancers and designers that have been so dedicated in this process: Mike Barber (dancer), Erin Kraemer (dancer), Katherine Longstreth (dancer), Ruth Nelson (dancer), Vanessa Vogel (dancer), Stacey Tran (Collaborator/Poet), Jesse Mejia (sound), Atum Aron (costumes), and James Mapes (lighting). There are lots of lovely “perks” to claim as a thank you for your contribution, including tickets for Linda Austin’s The Word Handtonight!

Every little bit helps. To learn more and donate, visit us here.

All photos: Mei Ratz Photography

The Story of Togetherness

In April, 2013, I began a residency at Studio 2 in Portland with an interest in pursuing story telling in a non-linear manner, specifically in the context of a duet. Two bodies on a stage often seem to spill over into the desire for some form of narrative, and I wanted to play with the possibilities. I was joined by dancer and friend Taka Yamamoto, sound artist Christi Denton and later, one of my favorite musicians and humans out there, Heather Treadway. 

We spent hours in the studio. We put together a showing with friend and Bay-area Choreographer Christine Bonansea. We took excerpts of the work to Seattle International Dance Festival and performed at Sea/Port at Conduit Dance in Portland. 

Towards the end of the residency, I became interested in having text in the work. Through serendipitous terms, I met poet Stacey Tran and immediately knew I was interested in working with her. Through the winter of 2013, Stacey and I researched tales of duos and let ourselves become inspired by different narratives and melodramas from ancient pairs. We especially became interested in ancient mythological pairs, and Togetherness took a new shape. Powerhouse dancers Mike Barber, Erin Kraemer, Katherine Longstreth, Ruth Nelson, and Vanessa Vogel joined the project. Stacey and I began curating a series called Pure Surface based on our collaboration. Jesse Mejia began composing sound, Atum Aron started sketching sculptural costumes for the work, and magic ensued. 

Togetherness is a celebration of the ethereal, the power of two, the joy of layering story on top of story, and an investigation of how we can mythologize our own stories a cast that’s been together in the world, in Portland, in the studio, in conversation. 

We hope to see you there.




June 6-8, 2013, 8pm (Doors at 7:30pm)

Performance Works NorthWest

4625 SE 67th, Portland, 97206

Tickets: $14-50,

San Francisco’s Christine Bonansea brings her polished, dynamic and riveting work No Exit to Portland in support of Danielle Ross’ latest work, Together We Fall. Ross will also be showing excerpts of this latest collaboration with Composer Christi Denton and Dancer Taka Yamamoto. All proceeds will go towards the creation of this new work and travel fees for Christine Bonansea and company. 























w/ Keyon Gaskin and David Krom and Kaj-Anne Pepper’s Mobile Disco

Tuesday, November 13, 6-9pm

Pickup at Director’s Park (SW Park and Yamhill), $5-15 Sliding Scale

Reserve a seat HERE (Limited to 18 Audience Members Total)

A Foreman-infested trip. Intimate car performance. A matrimonial tourbus, performance van, exploration tank, and make-it-what-you want ride. Have you ever thought that a Honda CRV Hatchback would make for a perfect stage? Both sporadic and! inconsequential yet also structured and profound, waited for spectacular arrivals waits for you. Join three friends, their car and a Kaj-Anne Pepper guided Mobile Disco for this unique trip around the city.



Wednesday, November 14th 5-7pm

Dig A Pony, 736 SE Grand Ave

Free Entrance, $2 per paper








FRONT is a newspaper devoted to contemporary dance performance and theory. On November 14th, our 2nd edition—Vitus—will be ready to go home in your loving arms. Please join us for happy hour, toast to our community and revel in the newest edition of FRONT.


Performance Works Northwest’s Foreman Fest

Saturday, November 17th, 9:30pm

Performance Works Northwest, $15-30 Sliding Scale

w/ THE DECEPTICONS, Grace Nowakoski + Jeff Diteman, Weird Fiction, Justin Smith, Vanessa De Wolf + Syniva Whitney, Leah Wilmoth + Jason King, + Jonathan Russell, David Abel + James Yeary, Danielle Ross

Purchase tickets here


The Loveliest Landscape

A new work by Danielle Ross and Christi Denton

Presented by Conduit’s Dance+ Series

July 26-28, 8:30pm

Conduit Dance, Tickets







 Tuning the We: Conduit Summer Dance Intensive

July 21-22, 1:30pm

Conduit Dance, $28 or $15 Drop In, REGISTER

Composer Christi Denton and choreographer Danielle Ross will lead workshop participants in some of the scores and techniques that they have used in their collaborative process. Tuning the “We” will provide an opportunity to enhance how we provide clarity in individual performance, exchange information and intention with our collaborators, and create a context for viewers.

This workshop is open to all levels. Both musicians and dancers are encouraged to attend.


Dance Uncovered: The Loveliest Landscape

A talk with Christi Denton, Danielle Ross, and other Dance+ Artists

July 15, 3pm

Conduit Dance, $5



Ten Tiny Dances at Beaverton

Saturday, July 14th, 10am-1pm

Beaverton Farmer’s Market, City Park, Free Admission


For Tourists (In Progress)

Part of BePortland’s 1-year Anniversary

Thursday, July 12th, 9pm

Holocene, $6




June 8th and 9th, 7pm

Bamboo Grove Salon

(Photo: Justin Brauner)

On June 8th and 9th, the CMG will host our first ever festival, The Improvisation Summit of Portland at the Bamboo Grove, 134 SE Taylor (enter on 2nd).  It will feature two evenings of film, music, and dance. Local musicians will provide live scores to two films:  a multi-screen projection performance of footage from filmmaker and naturalist Timothy Treadwell present by Cinema Project called Thirteen Summers and a classic film curated by Filmusik.  Visiting artists John Gruntfest and Gino Robair will each lead large group ensembles. A panel discussion will be led by Tim DuRoche, and there will be improvisation and sectional workshops for musicians and dancers. Other artists performing include Grouper, Blue Cranes, The Tenses, Megan Bierman (SF), Anton Hatwich (CHI), John Gross, Kevin Shields (Eva Aguila), Tim DuRoche, Thicket, Linda K Johnson, Woolly Mammoth Comes to Dinner, Linda Austin, Danielle Ross, Richard Decker, Cinema Project, FilmMusik, Jonathan Sielaff, Sam Coomes, Rebecca Gates, and many more.


Friday Night
7:00 – 13 Summers (Cinema Project, Tim DuRoche, Joe Cunningham, Reed Wallsmith, Jon Shaw, Dan Duval, Bruce Withycombe) (Main Room)
7:55 – Gruntfest/Bierman Duo (Main Room)
8:20 – Dawn Stoppiello & Doug Theriault (Main Room)
8:30 – Sam Coomes & Brian Mumford (atrium)
8:50 – Linda K. Johnson and Tim Duroche (Main Room)
9:10 – Tim DuRoche & Reconstruction of Light (Main Room)
10:05 – Richard Decker, Danielle Ross, Jordan Dykstra, and Reed Wallsmith (Main Room)
10:25 – Anton Hatwich & John Gross (Main Room)
11:25 – Gino Robair’s I, Norton opera w/ large ensemble (Main Room)

Saturday Night
7:00 – Un Chien Andalou (Filmusik, Nick Bindeman, Mary Sutton, Warren Lee, Jordan Dykstra) (Main Room)
7:40 – Tracy Broyles & Catherine Lee (atrium)
7:50 – Blue Cranes (Main Room)
8:35 – Tere Mathern, Jen Hackworth, Seth Nehil and Marisa Anderson (Main Room)
9:05 -The Tenses (Main Room)
9:35 -Woolly Mammoth Comes to Dinner (Main Room)
9:55 – Thicket (atrium)
10:10 – Grouper (Main Room)
10:40 – Linda Austin, Jin Camou, Ben Kates, Ryan Miller (atrium)
10:50 – Gino Robair (atrium)
11:20 – Carla Mann and Rich Halley (atrium)
11:35 – Gruntfest-Bierman Large Ensemble w/ 30 musicians (Main Room)




Workshop By Christi Denton and Danielle Ross

Saturday, June 9th, 1pm-3pm

Bamboo Grove Salon, 134 SE Taylor, Suggested Donation $10+

Composer Christi Denton and Choreographer Danielle Ross will lead workshop participants in some of the techniques that they use in their collaborative process.  This workshop will provide an opportunity to enhance how collabor…ators exchange information and intention, as well as create a context for viewers and provide clarity in individual performance.  Improvisers of all types are encouraged to attend.  This will be a hands-on workshop open to all levels. Participants should come with the tools that they need to make music, dance, or explore some other art form (e.g., musical instruments).